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Diane Andresen

From the moment I discovered Uppercase Living, I found myself constantly peeking at the website to see their products and plot out what expression or embellishment I was looking to purchase next. I’m very excited to inspire others with the powerful messages you can create with Uppercase Living –and when I learned that you can CUSTOMIZE your own (if you want) with so many beautiful modern colors and fonts, I knew this was for me.

Having an Uppercase Living business is a perfect way for me to unleash my creative side, work with my love of decorating, and earn extra “fun money.” (As well as have an excuse to continue to find new ideas on Pinterest!)

• Are you looking for some inspiration for a room you want to redecorate?
• Are you tired of the same designs found in stores and you want something unique and completely ‘you’ and customized?
• Do you want help with a custom design for your home or business?
• Do you want to order a special gift?
• Would you like to find some unique and inspirational jewelry that you can wear close to you every day?
• Would you like to host an in-home party so you can decorate your home or business in exchange for a discount?
• Would you like to set up a fundraiser with uppercase living products?
• Do you want to hear more about starting your own uppercase living business?

Not sure what you want, but you know that you love these products. Register as a customer on my website or check out www.facebook.com/uppercaseDMA to get updates & decorating ideas!

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